May 30th 6-8pm

Locker decoration is a super fun event and every parent should participate. The locker decoration in senior hall is a tradition and the purpose is to celebrate your student. You can go as crazy as you would like and cover the whole locker. Typically we see photos of the student throughout their school years attached to the locker but parents are encouraged to be creative in their celebration of their student.

Locker decoration is scheduled for May 30th from 6-8pm and all parents are encouraged to participate. Do not let your student be the only one with a locker not decorated. Locker dimensions are 33″ x 9.5″ wide, if you would like to create a cardboard template to decorate at home and then bring to locker decoration night, that will save you some time! Please bring your own supplies and have fun!

Volunteer For Senior Locker Decorations


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