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We are creating a slideshow using photos of the graduates! We are looking for photos from when they were young, as well as youth team pics, kindergarten field trips, all the cute stuff! Please submit these photos via email to All images must be a high-quality JPEG photo and school appropriate.  The deadline to submit photos is May 17th, 2024.  We suggest no more then 3-5 individual photos and the rest peer group photos. 


Team Photos

Have any photos from when your kid was in T-ball, Soccer, Football or any other sport when they were younger? Send them our way! The graduates love looking back on their old sport teams and seeing who was their teammate way back when.  

Kids with Pumpkins_edited.jpg

Young Photos

Have any photos that are not from a past sports or field trips, but are still cute? We want all types of photos from when the graduates were little, so please send them our way!

Field Trip_edited.jpg

Field Trip Photos

Have any photos from kindergarten field trips or class parties? We would love to use them! The graduates will enjoy reminiscing on who was in their class and where they got to visit in their first year or two of school.


If you have questions about the slideshow photos, please fill out the form below. 

Thanks for submitting!

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